Trophy Deer – Ottawa

Ottawa Buck Deer

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Listening to ‘You Never Even Call Me By My Name‘ by David Allen Coe


Actual lyrics:

Well, I was drunk the day my mom got out of prison

And I went to pick her up in the rain

But before I could get to the station in my pickup truck

She got runned over by a damned old train

Quebec Floral Shadows

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Novel Excerpt

Watching ‘Demolition – Jean-Marc Vallée


Exerpt from my soon to be published first novel below. A true (ish) to life account of my year driving cab at night in the resort town of Whistler.

Bit of a scrap at my next call.  I show up to one guy in a really sexy female nurse costume: white hat with the red

cross on it, blouse, skirt, black stockings to mid-thigh, who has another guy who is wearing a priest’s habit and

collar, in a headlock.  The good Father gets out of the headlock and pins the male nurse’s arms behind his back.

“Father!” I yell.  “Father!  You let that tranny go right now!”

“Not a tranny, dude,” Nurse says.  “It’s just a costume.”

My arrival seems to have calmed the odd combatants down somewhat.

“I hope this is about money, guys,” I say.

“Why is that?” asks Father.

“Because,” I go.  “That’s the only thing that warrants a violent response in my books.”

“It’s not about money,” Nurse says.  “Let me go, dude.  It’s all good.  This guy, my best friend, got with my girl last night.”

“She told me you guys were over!” Father says.  I can tell he’s upset at the whole situation.

Nurse cries, “You knew I was into her, dude!”

Father cries, “Dude, I’m sorry!  Okay?”

I need a freaking break.

“Do you boys smoke pot?” I ask them.

“Yeah, dude,” Father says.  “You want to puff?”

“No,” I go.  “But I need a break.  Why don’t you guys smoke one while I have a cigarette, and then I’ll get you where you’re going?”

“That sounds good, dude,” Nurse says.  “Where’s the beesh?”

Father goes, “It’s in your purse, dude.”

So, we three sit, my newly forgiven priest and his male nurse buddy, while they smoke a bit of pot and I have a ciggy.

Nurse goes, “Feel my legs, dude.”  To me, he goes, “I shaved them.”

Father giggles.  “Awkward,” he says.

“No, dude, seriously,” Nurse says to me.  “Feel how smooth that is.”

Screw it.  I gently rub my fingers up his calf.

“Wow,” I go.  “That is smooth.”

“Feels awesome,” Nurse says, rolling his black nylon stocking back up to thigh level.

“So, are we good, guys?” I ask.  “Can we get going?”

“Yeah,” Nurse says.  “Let’s go party.  It’s Halloween.”

“Don’t let this girl come between your friendship,” I go.  “I can tell you guys are close.”

“Nah,” Nurse says.  “I’ll still get with her if she’s good to go though.  She’s hot.”

“Me too,” Father says.

Nurse smiles and shrugs his shoulders.  And we’re off to the races.

Copyright © Pat Meehan 2016
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