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Lost in Lost: For the last little while I have been watching that TV show Lost. Half the cast couldn’t act their way out of a paper bag. The plot line seemed lunatic at times. And I couldn’t stop watching the damn show. It was shot mostly in Hawaii and the actors were often stunning so the scenery of the thing may have been part of the draw. There were some interesting parallels between that silly, highly addictive TV show and recent events in the real world. In the news in real life a Malyasian Airlines flight has vanished without a trace. That same week scientists announced they can absolutely confirm bends in the space-time continuum, proving Einstein correct in that realm as well. Those two news events very closely matched the plot line of the TV show Lost. So as I’m watching this drama about a missing flight and time travel, I turn to CNN and they discuss a flight lost without a trace and bends in space-time we can now measure from the South Pole. Fascinating little parallel between fact and fiction.