Ihad to go to Vancouver today to take care of a few things. It’s a great town if you’re in the mood for her. I had lunch (chicken and shrimp w/ veggies, rice and peanuts in a peanut butter sauce) at Hon’s on Robson St www.hons.ca. I went and checked out Granville Island for a while as well. When I’m in that area I normally stop in at the Pacific Institute of Culinary Arts for a meal www.picachef.com. Whatever gourmet food the students created that day goes on sale really cheap at a kiosk by the entrance to the school. Took some photos of folks with different strokes along the way.


Street Food Vendor Vancouver


Vancouver Lamborghini


East End Vancouver Homeless


Granville Street Adult Shop


Vancouver Granville Street


Robson Street Cat Woman


Modern Design Granville Island