Listening To “Candy Man” By Christina Aguilera


The day I took the photo below was a weird one. That’s me behind the mask. When I worked in Seoul I used to look at this large city subway map I had, pick a subway stop then go there just to see what the lay of the land was. I did this on my days off. Next day off I’d pick another stop and go out and explore that area with my camera. I got off the subway, started walking around what seemed like a nondescript area on the outskirts of the city when I started hearing sort of carnival-circus music. I walked around a corner and there was a huge amusement park, Ferris wheels, games, tilt-a-whirl type rides. I went in to find I was almost the only person in the whole park who was there to enjoy the place. There were workers mulling around doing their thing and almost nobody else in the whole park. So I spent the day playing throw the dart to win a prize, riding Ferris wheels and such with not a soul around. Weird one.

When I taught in Japan I met a guy who had worked in fishing off the east coast of North America. He said you weren’t allowed weapons on these small fishing boats but many had one on board just in case. Whenever he saw a large dorsal fin breech the surface near the boat he said he instinctively reached for the spear gun or whatever. He said they had a form of sonar on board to locate the fish. Once in a while something absolutely massive would come up just under the boat and just sit there for a few minutes. Then move off out of sonar range. They assumed they were whales. If the opportunity presented itself several of these small fishing boats would gather at night and sort of moor together or whatever you call it for the night. On one of the boats there was a person who played violin. So every night when these small fishing boats were linked together out in the middle of the ocean the fiddle player would play a song as the guys were falling asleep. Gentle fiddle music would put the guys to sleep way out there on the waves. I used that as a scene in one of my screenplays.

This guy I worked with in Korea had previously been employed on a massive pig farm in Australia. One morning he dropped acid and timed it so he was peaking just as he arrived at work. His boss informed him they would be castrating the adult male pigs that day. He said every time he made eye contact with one of the animals, while in the process of castrating them, while peaking on acid, it felt like a jolt of electricity went through him. He lasted less than an hour then walked off the job. I told him I had to write this down. Our exchange was sort of, ‘Dude, you do NOT want to be castrating pigs while peaking on acid.’ ‘No. No, I certainly don’t. Then what happened?’ Scribble, scribble, scribble.


Me in Korean Market