Itook some random photos of some folks near where I’m staying. Many of them are very receptive to having their photo taken. Some not so much.

I head away from the coast into Dalat in a few days. More living in the mountains for a while. There is a beach festival here in Nha Trang on the 11th of June. No idea what that will involve. I’m sure I’ll get some good photos out of it.

This next transition will not involve a night bus. It’s a 4 or 5 hour trip leaving in the morning. When you take the train from Saigon to Hanoi they tell you it will take anywhere from 21 to 49 hours.


People Photo Nha Trang


People Photo Vietnam


People Shots Nha Trang


Girl in Nha Trang, Vietnam


Kids in Nha Trang


Mother & Child in Nha Trang


People Shot in Nha Trang