Whistler State Of The Art 2017

Enjoyed the incredible art on display at the 2017 Whistler State Of The Art exhibit. http://wssf.com/State-of-the-ART

Whistler State of The Art


Whistler State Of The Art


Whistler State Of The Art


2017 State Of The Art In Whistler

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Hurry Back

Reading ‘Zero Limits‘ by Joe Vitale


Whistler Dogs

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NotAFranchise.com Is Now Secure

Reading ‘The Question of Hu


My little directory site for small business listings at NotAFranchise.com is now secure. If you look at the url (www address at the top of your browser) you can see how it is now designated with https instead of just http. It allows for secure transactions when adding your business listing info or creating a paid feature listing. If you or someone you know wants some more online exposure you can easily add their listing to the site. A few new businesses are being listed every day.

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Funny Sign in Taiwan

Reading `The Three Fates of Henrik Nordmark`


I posted the photo below on this website a while ago. Google contacted me and informed me that the content of the photo violated their advertising policies for questionable content. Google was essentially imposing censorship on me over a silly little photo of a funny shaped sign in a night market in Taipei, Taiwan. After careful consideration, I have decided to remove all Google ads from this website. So, say hello (again) to the BIG COCK PINEAPPLE CAKE sign.


Taipei Pineapple Cake Sign


Using ‘DuckDuckGo‘ Search Engine

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