Iam now in a little beach resort town called Mui Ne. Driving from Nha Trang was the least harrowing bus trip I have had so far in Vietnam. The landscape takes on almost bizarre proportions in some spots along the coast here. It’s one long stretch of beach sand forever. There are huge development projects under way.

Mui Ne is a much different town than Nha Trang. Nha Trang has a very sleazy side to it, especially at night. I heard a few stories of people coming to varying degrees of grief while out late at night. There were also incidents of open aggression when I ventured outside of the tourist zone there. If you respond with even more aggression it always diffuses the situation. At least that was my experience.

But this little beach town has a completely different feel to it. Everyone seems very m.e.l.l.o.w. I think it’s proximity to the beach and the climate. The weather is extremely tropical hot here. It’s hard to get too excited in this heat. Rooms cost as little as $6 Cdn per night. I splurged to pay slightly more than that to have my own washroom. A light rain is falling outside as I sit writing in this travel blog. The windows to my room are all open to let the warm breeze I love so much flow through. There was a gecko kicking around somewhere. He’ll find his way. I think a morning ocean swim may be in order tomorrow. I’m right on the beach here. I can hear the waves.