Lunch Break | Saitama, Japan

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Listening to “Ray Of Light” by Madonna


Lunch Spot in Saitama

Tombstone in Japan

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Listening To “Lady Marmalade

The ladies are looking well in that vid.


You ever hear of Drop Shipping?  Neither had I until recently.  Fascinating stuff.

If you look closely you can see an odd pattern in the moss on the tombstone in this photo.


Tombstone in Japan

Sun Statue in Tokyo Japan

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Listening To “Bach Violin Concertos


Tokyo Sun God Statue

Tokyo Japan Festival

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Festival in Tokyo

Doggy Dreaming

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Watching “The Hobbit


Japan Puppy


Japanese Puppy


Photos Copyright Ryoko Hayashi

Artist on the beach in Saitama Japan

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Watching “The Truth About Charlie


Beach Artist in Saitama


Ijust got off the phone with Canadian rap singer Joshua-J.  He’s patiently awaiting some content from his first official video, Love My City.  We are already talking about his next video, Dope Man Crack.  Another great song with huge creative visual potential.

Tokyo Japan Photos

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Listening To “Lord Take My Pain” By Hank Williams III


First photo is the Ginza shopping district in Tokyo. It’s kind of like their Rodeo Drive.  Second photo is from a temple in the suburbs.


Ginza Japan Travels


Tokyo Japan Temple


Recent culinary genius was Stir-Fried Chinese Chicken and Peanuts (without the wine), found here.

Recent fashionista purchase was Diesel Shoes, found here.

Mika & Me

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Me and Mika


Ilaugh every time I see this photo. It was taken during my blonde ambition tour in Japan many moons ago. Check out the hair. Mika is a surgical nurse in Tokyo. I’ll be posting more silly blonde photos shortly.

Sitting in the airport killing time at the moment. As often as I’ve done it I’m still a white knuckle flyer.

My remote Alberta oil camp life job came to an end today. When I went to that job I sure didn’t anticipate what my departure would be like. Everyone there gave me a big hug when I saw them the last time. You get to know people incredibly well when you live and work in that small an environment together over extended periods. That has to be the most fascinating cross-section of humanity I’ve ever encountered. The cast of characters in that camp and the interpersonal dynamics were absolutely fascinating.