Iarose this morning at an obscene hour, an unfortunate reality of my Asia travels, to go watch the NHL Stanley Cup final game at a local bar. After the game the riots in downtown Vancouver were all over the news sites. While speaking with the receptionist where I’m staying I mentioned this to her with the usual broken English, body language and sound effects. She referred me to the video arcade to play video games down the street. I tried to explain that it wasn’t a video game I was describing but events actually happening right now. She didn’t get it. I brought up CBC.ca on the lobby computer to show her photos of what was going on at that time in Vancouver. She then went on to reassure me how safe Vietnam was and that I didn’t need to worry about plastic bullets flying or police cars being torched while traveling here. I thanked her and went on my way.

While in Nha Trang I stayed at the Golden Summer Hotel www.goldensummerhotel.com. Great spot. $12/ night with breakfast included. Rooftop restaurant with a view of the ocean and really fast wifi.