Iwas under the impression that canines were off the menu in Vietnam. They do in fact eat dogs in some areas. What they do to the dogs just before they cook them is incredibly cruel. They also eat cats. The owner of a cafe in Mui Ne chased a guy who was trying to catch his cat in order to sell the thing to a restaurant or something.

I read about an American guy in Nha Trang who took over a little hotel and turned it into a nice little business (www.thetidehotel.com). However, this guy refuses to play the game and pay the multiple bribes necessary to operate a smooth business in the area. Various levels of government and the police have fined him repeatedly for bogus infractions. There is an interesting site starting in India, http://ipaidabribe.com , I Paid A Bribe.com where the people are attempting to curb corruption. China has a few similar sites starting but the state censors keep shutting them down. Unfortunately for the guy in Nha Trang they’ll probably put him out of business.