My first day in Hanoi, Vietnam is winding down. It has been a while since I enjoyed any international travel.  I wandered around this incredibly busy city for a few hours earlier. Traffic here is otherworldly. I read that you’re not supposed to bolt out into the street while attempting to cross. You slowly wade into the fray so the mopeds and cars all have the time to veer one way or the other to get around you. It takes some concentration to slowly wade out into a mass of non-stop traffic, knowing nobody is going to actually stop but will hopefully at least slow down and avoid you. There was what I assumed was a funeral taking place at one point. Soulful, sad music was played by a small band as the procession followed the hearse slowly up the road. Mourners wear white bands around their heads. Took these photos and the video of the traffic.


Street Vendor Hanoi


Alley Photo Hanoi


Vietnam Flower in Hanoi


River Walk in Hanoi


Small Shop Woman Hanoi


Neon Store in Central Hanoi


Hanoi Birdcage


Flags Hanoi Shop


Hanoi, Vietnam Traffic Video: