Since starting my travels here in Vietnam I have been ill three times. Shortly after my arrival I suffered heat stroke. It wasn’t the end of the world. You stay hydrated, take it easy, and try to stay in air conditioned environments. I endured two cases of food poisoning. Not really a problem. You just ride it out and avoid street food for a while. And then there is the illness I am currently enduring. Take your worst hangover, add a mild concussion, throw in the worst sinus cold you’ve ever had, reduce your general energy level by 4/5, and mix in a high fever. That’s how this virus feels. It’s a cold or flu bug like nothing I have ever fought. A few nights ago I woke drenched in sweat, freezing cold and shivering. I forgot how a high fever adds some interesting perspectives on things. The fever has broken. I am no longer reaching for the tissue paper every two minutes. Three things have offered relief; curry, garlic, and chocolate. In that order.