To give you some idea of how little I’ve been up to of late, this is the second time I have written about coconuts on my travel blog. About 4 in the morning last night I was woken up by a sort of thook sound on the roof of where I’m staying. Then it sounded like little feet scrambling on the ceiling tiles of my room. I assumed it was a rodent. Remember thinking if that’s a snake I may have an issue here before falling back to sleep. This morning I figured out what the noises were. A coconut fell off the tree outside my room, hit the roof, then rolled down one side. First time a coconut ever woke me up.

Earlier today a guy walked by me holding a live rat by it’s two ears. I was almost done eating anyway. It would appear that I am slowly but surely on my way to HCMC (Saigon). Not sure the exact time frame yet. Probably in a few days or so I’ll head down.