Itook a ton of photos today down at the beach. Artists are putting out really fun displays using quite a variety of materials. A lot of people are coming into town for the next couple of days. I have to leave where I’m staying and stay in a very party oriented hostel for the duration.

Besides the artistic displays there are also sports taking place all along the beach. One sport is essentially volleyball but they can only use their feet and there are four to a side. The athleticism displayed is pretty incredible. Women here have a severe aversion to sun exposure. The females playing this sport on the beach were covered from head to toe, long sleeve shirts and long track pants. Not sure how they can stand it. I was pretty sweaty in just a pair of shorts and my flip flops.


Nha Trang Beach Art


Nha Trang June Festival


Beach Festival in Nha Trang Vietnam


June Sea Festival in Nha Trang


Beach Festival Artworks Nha Trang


Nha Trang Coconut Drink


Nha Trang June Beach Festival


Beach Art in Nha Trang


Vietnam Sea Festival


Festival Nha Trang


Beach Art Nha Trang