Itook the night bus from Hanoi to Sapa in the interior of Vietnam. There are traditional tribespeople in the area walking around in very ornate, colourful clothing. While walking to my hostel with a woman I am now traveling with we were approached by a young tribal girl named Moo. She spoke pretty good English, gave us directions, tried to sell us trinkets, then asked us if we were going to visit her village. I said yes I was going to visit her village tomorrow and I would buy a small item from her then. She made me pinky swear I would visit her village tomorrow and buy something from her, reminded me of her name, then explained, ‘You pinky swear you buy something from me in my village tomorrow. You don’t buy something I rip your finger off.’ I laughed for five minutes. I’ll be stopping by in the morning. My blog may have a few gaps in it as I explore this area.


Sapa Hmong Girl


Sapa Black Hmong Women


Sapa Red Hmong


Sapa Tribes Black Hmong


Sapa Vietnam Hmong Tribes


Sapa Tribes Northern Vietnam


I spoke with a woman here who knows about the different tribes in the area. There are three main groups. She says they all get along well enough, all the kids go to the same school together now, but they don’t marry anyone from another tribe. The men wear these long dark jackets and silver jewelry. This area has some of the most beautiful, happy people I have ever encountered in my life. And not just when they’re hamming it up for the tourists. I’ve watched them interact with each other for long periods. Lots of laughter and love is shown.

Sapa proper was originally a French outpost. You see the effect in some of the architecture. You also get access to some of the strongest coffee and best chocolate. I am wired for sound right now on both. There is a ‘Love Festival’ tonight. Boys and girls from one of the tribes gather and select partners for marriage. I don’t know how well my camera will go over. I should at least get to observe things. Since I started this blog site this area is the most interesting I have visited.