I don’t usually refer people to other sites on here but Fab.com warrants a mention.  Once inside you’ll be very impressed with what they have.  Almost all of the beautiful products they sell were designed by relatively unknown designers for really reasonable prices.  Site functionality is some of the best I’ve seen.

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Busan Waxing Yoon

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Dadaepo Beach Area | Busan, South Korea

I spent part of Sunday back in the Dadaepo Beach area.  That’s where I was before, just couldn’t find the name of the place.  Besides a really nice white sand beach there is a hiking area along the coast.  On the hike you come to the historic Dadaepo Guest House.  I read that in the Joseon period of Korean history the local magistrate paid respects to the King at this spot on the 1st and 15th of the lunar month.  Foreign diplomats stayed here when they visited Korea.

I am in the process of putting together a website for a Busan salon.  Bewitched Busan (www.BewitchedBusan.com).


Busan Beach Dadaepo


Busan Temple at Dadaepo


Temple at Dadaepo Beach, Korea

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Some Quiet Solititude | Busan, South Korea

S pent part of the day today at the beach.  I can’t seem to find the name of it.  It’s a very quiet spot offering some rare solitude.  All I could hear were the waves and some guy playing the saxophone down the way somewhere.  Some nice cafes have opened recently nearby.  Dong… something… I think it’s called.


Fish Market Dadaepo Beach


Solitude on Dadaepo Beach

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Life In A Day

R idley Scott’s Blade Runner is my favourite film. Has been since the day I saw it the first time. Life In A Day, a documentary produced by Scott, is by far the best doc I’ve ever seen. This is a beautiful,  beautiful movie.


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May 06, 2012 | Busan, South Korea

Aquarium in Busan, Korea


Busan Charlie Brown Cafe


Haeundae Beach Artist


Hotel Haeundae Busan


Haeundae Beach Night Skyline

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