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Month: March 2012

Progress – Regress

S o, I get an idea for a website. Pretty good one, at least the concept. I put hours of work into it. Then I figure out I need a premium plugin to make the thing function properly. The site needs to sort of self-propagate. You’ll see what I mean when I launch it. In order to get things to work the way I want to I need to buy an app, for lack of a better word. In order to get this specific app to work right I need to use templates designed by the app developers. Which...

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Angry Birds | Steveston, Canada

T he birds in the previous post are geese. So many of them fly overhead, honking away at each other, where I’m staying they wake you up. Today’s photos are of a hawk being accosted by angry crows. The hawk will come into their territory and the crows will bother it until it leaves their area. And I think that’s good with the bird photos for a while.    ...

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It`s All Good

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