Ijust finished a redo of (  Looks a lot better with the new theme.

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Statue Shop | Saigon, Vietnam

Ifound this photo from Vietnam today. I took it outside the window of a small statue shop in Saigon.


Saigon Vietnam Statue Shop

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Winter Wonderland | Whistler, Canada

Something like 150cm of snow fell on Whistler Mountain in the last couple of days. And a whole lot more is forecast over the next few days. Opening week skiing has been incredible.

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Silly Gooses | Whistler, Canada

Ski operations start up very shortly here in Whistler. There are people planning to camp out at the Gondola the night before it opens to be the first ones on the hill on the first morning it opens.  Silly, silly snowboarders.


Name Change:

There is a woman in Chicago, who I’m sure is wonderful, who also operates a media company called 4 Keys Media. I’m incorporated here in Canada. She has an LLC Stateside. I never thought much of it. I just figured I would maintain the Canadian rights to the name, global empire that it is, and she could do her thing. So far I’ve put together sites for my Mom the realtor, the pet store down the street, my own photos, and this blog.  I’m not exactly going up against Electronic Arts.

However, I am now very close to launching two things that may actually have some commercial value for me. The Chicago woman with the same business name was interviewed on NBC or CBS or something. So I figured if things actually started to develop with my own media thing it might be best not to be operating under the same name as someone who has been on a major US broadcaster using that name. By the way, I came up with the previous name for my company while sitting on the train in Japan. No idea how she came up with the same name.

Anyway, without further ado, my new online empire is hereby to be referred to as 4 Keys Digital. (  I contacted the various levels of governing bodies to get everything updated with them today.  And every pixel of content on the new site is original, old chap.

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Ijust finished a retool of ( in WordPress.  Much better look to the site.

Lest we forget: just realized today is Remembrance Day.

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Ice Cream Headache | Whistler, Canada

I‘m in the process of upgrading a pet store website for a shop here in Whistler. ( Part of the process is setting up a new photo gallery for pet photos. This photo always makes me laugh when I see it. He looks like he’s got a headache from eating cold snow.


Dog Pet Whistler

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Nov 6/ 2011 | Whistler, Canada

Whistler Love Nest Smiling Buddha


Whistler Frozen Leaves


Whistler Scorpion Leaf


Whistler Frozen Crystals in Cola


Whistler Village Self-Portrait

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